Saturday April 19th is Record Store Day throughout the land, and, like those of us here in Athens, Georgia, many of you live in a town fortunate enough to have a great independent, mom-and-pop record store. Heck, let’s not forget that Peter and Michael met over records in Wuxtry, the store located in the heart of downtown Athens, a community doubly blessed by a second independent shop, Schoolkids, just around the corner from the other one. Each of these stores, like hundreds of shops in the United States participating in Record Store Day, has its own unique identity, and it’s that uniqueness, coupled with a strong spirit of independence, which makes them deserving of your support if you care about music.

So, this Saturday, take a break from the chains, move away from the computer, and take a drive, bike ride, or maybe even a walk down to your local independent record store and get yourself some of that spirit. You won’t regret it and you’ll be supporting a business whose existence, sadly, like many of our greatest resources, seems to be under increasing threat from numerous elements.

And, oh yes, R.E.M. will have a special 7″ release available:

01 Supernatural Superserious

02 Airliner [non-LP B-side]

For more information, visit RECORDSTOREDAY.COM