ENTER THE R.E.M. CONCERT MEMORIES CHALLENGE: POST CONCERT MEMORIES FROM R.E.M. SHOWS AT REMHQ’s Facebook page For A Chance to Win A Special Green-themed R.E.M. Merchandise Package!

We’re holding a sporting social event to coincide with the upcoming release of the Green 25th Anniversary edition (due out May 13 in some locations, May 14 in others).

Did you ever see R.E.M. play live anywhere anytime during their storied career? What was your favorite memory? Why not post a fascinating account of your favorite moment from the show in the comments section of this post just below? We’ll select our favorite reflection, and the winner takes all!

One lucky commenter will receive a Green-themed R.E.M. merchandise package for submitting an R.E.M. concert memory. The gift package will be straight from the vaults and mists of time and will relate to the record, tour and reissue of GREEN, c. 1988/1989. It will only take a minute so tee up your favorite story of the band playing live and have at it! We aren’t saying exactly what the winner will receive–partly because we are still finding stuff. It will be cool we can promise that!

Comment lines are open now at the band’s Facebook page, and we will close it off on May 10th so we can announce the winner and post the winning story a few days later. Also, check out our “Green” Memories Challenge on the page!