GA Friends: Vote Yes on Amendment 1

GA Friends:. On Nov. 6th, we ask you to consider joining us in support of the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment which protects and preserves our lakes, rivers, streams, and outdoor spaces. It’s something we can all get behind. Join us and Vote Yes on One! #yesonone

Longtime friend of R.E.M., Laurie Fowler, environmental lawyer and advocate who served on the land preservation advisory committees under Governors Miller, Barnes, and Perdue, says, “This constitutional amendment is a couple of decades in the making—conservation groups have worked hard to identify a sustainable and equitable means of generating funds to protect land in Georgia. Protecting land means protecting water quality and supply, biodiversity and passive recreational opportunities for Georgians. Good businesses look for quality of life amenities such as those provided by parks, greenways and other protected land, in deciding where to locate. Georgia has long lagged behind other states in funding land protection; this is a win-win proposition!”


Coincidentally, Laurie Fowler was in law school with Bertis and her first job afterwards was as executive director of the GA Legal Environment Assistance Foundation (L.E.A.F.). They were the first ever proper R.E.M. charity benefit for at the old Moonshadow Saloon in Atlanta in February 1985. It was the first time Joe Boyd ever saw the band and a few weeks later they were all making a record with him in London: Fables of the Reconstruction