Two things, three:

First, I performed with JOSEPH ARTHUR, ‘in the sun’ at nyc’s bowery ballroom last wednesday a week back. He is winding his way westward across the country with an amazing band and a pocketful of brilliant songs, im rarely so moved as when I watch him sing. Unbelievable. Check out his website at … josepharthur.com

Second, I saw the film ‘SHORTBUS’ by john cameron mitchell, in nyc recently. I don’t remember feeling so optimistic coming out of a theatre as I did that night, and the film has stuck with me since. It is epoch-starter, a real look at who we are and where we are now, and is funny, sexy, sweet, audacious, weirdly utopian almost. I recommend it to every single person out there—a must see. I’m going back with friends who werent at the screening to see it a second time. It resonates, and delivers, as few things do these days. Check out their website here.

And then thirdly, PAPERCRANES just released their new cd, and I caught them tonight at tasty world in ath. They play up the east coast this next week or so and are invaluable these days… Incredible songs, voice, attitude for miles and the coolest of bands. The new songs are amazing and really pop live, rain is singing to the skys. Give in to them, support what theyre up to, its great people doing great stuff with electric guitars, a mic and yes, some very electric christmas lights. Check them out at papercranesmusic.com