Hey hello were back on tour and rested from the time off. I wanted first to say THANK YOU! to all the THANKYOUREM.com people, everyone who worked on it[it’s awesome]and then all the posts and photos that you all sent were really great and it made us all really happy—so thanks!—-couldn’t have done it without you…

So this first pic is in the spirit of thankyourem.com, enjoy your summer and I will too.


p.s.from michael:

I’m really thrilled with the response to the show posters, it seems like people are really liking them and I’m proud that we got to collaborate with all the awesome artists and graphic designers who contributed work to get these made. With this kind of response from you all we get to do more projects like this, so thanks!.

Speaking of which: there is some new merchandise that myself and chris bilheimer worked on for the summer tour, and there is one item in particular that will make its debut tonight in Granada…it might be my favorite ever item that weve ever offered, or at least on par with the show posters…i am very very excited to see the response to it. The tee shirts are very cool but [hint] this is not a tee shirt. Full on!

Have a great time all the time, see you soon