It was an early start of the day for the band today, beginning with a visit to the BBC Radio 1 studios to visit with host Jo Whiley. There were more cameramen and photographers than band members in the tiny studio lounge as the guys played an acoustic version of “Supernatural Superserious”, and (after almost no rehearsal) a beautiful cover of the song “Munich” by The Editors. It was well worth braving the London traffic to get to the show since Jo is a fantastic host with a great ear for music. Check out the photos here, then head over to the for more photos and listen to the show.

After Jo, Peter and Mike are off to face more traffic on the way to take over XFM radio for a little while. Their residency will be on the air soon, so check back for more details.

While Mike and Peter take over the air on one side of town, Michael is headed to the other for an interview on Virgin Radio.

All of this will end up tonight at the Apple store for a live performance. Once again, XFM will stream the performance this weekend. We will give you the details when they come available. Please stay tuned for a postcard from the Apple in-store.