ANTON CORBIJN and I wearing each others glasses at the Jools Holland show in London; Anton talked about CONTROL, his just-released film about Ian Curtis. Last Monday Bertis and I went to a theatre in Soho to see it and we agreed it’s the best film we’ve seen in a very long time. Check online or in the papers for a theatre near you.

Performing on the show that night were CROWDED HOUSE [who were amazing] and BATTLES from NYC who I had not heard before. They were incredible live and really great to talk to. I can’t wait to see them perform an entire show soon. They have an album on warp called MIRRORED.

I’m here doing press mostly tv for the new live cd/dvd. Peter and Mike fly over soon to mix the new record in London, release is set for spring 08. We finished recording in Athens earlier this month. Superexcited.

From Milan, Michael