Michael here.

We rehearsed for about a week in vancouver at the end of the recording and mixing sessions. This here is what it looks and sounds like, we wanted to do something for you all and this is what it is. rehearsal. Exactly what to expect on tour but with big lights and some amplification…thanks to the crew there in vanbc who set it all up and thanks to the folks in la who put it together. I miss the studio and everyone there [katie! kirk! scott! plus]and I really miss vanbc[west van–yes–! burnaby! vij’s! house of venus! yelltown–uh huh that1s right–! granville!]…you see now why we never do dedications on records, Im a cheeseball.

Vancouver, I have to say. Its a great city filled with great people and great food and great vistas and great contradictions. All you need to wonder.

More soon, we are on the road.

To view footage, please click here.