Michael Reflects on 30 Years of Pearl Jam’s Ten

“My very first thought was that voice, Eddie’s voice – wow, this is fresh and new…” – Michael on his reaction to hearing Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow.”

Website Artist Waves is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s groundbreaking debut LP, Ten, this month, and to do so, writer Jeff Gorra has assembled a wide-ranging cast of artists, athletes, and music aficionados, including Josh Klinghoffer, Mark Richards, Kelly Slater, Andrew Watt, Rob Machado, Matt Pinfield, Sam Wilkerson of White Reaper, Isaiah Radke of Radkey, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, David Shaw of The Revivalists, Lauren Jenkins, Eva Walker of The Black Tones, Taylor Knox ,and Nicole Alvarez, who pay tribute to the legendary Seattle band’s formative record.

Read more, including Michael’s full reflection on “Even Flow,” here.