I went with a bunch of people to see dolly parton on the day after thanksgiving. I had never seen her perform live [we had met some 12 years ago on oscar night when ‘I will always love you’ was up for an award]…the show was unbelievable and her voice was pure and real. There was a depth to the entire evening that surprised everyone; she ended with ‘imagine’, as well as singing many of her greatest songs, ‘jolene’, ‘coat of many colors’ and of course ‘I will always love you’. She remains one of the greatest of american songwriters in my opinion [she makes my top 5], and this show was nothing short of amazing; she was genuine and from the heart. You can see in the picture how happy I was to meet her again.

Tonight I go to see patti smith perform ‘horses’ at BAM, celebrating the 30th anniversary of its release in 1975. Its been a great month of music for sure. Lets hope december brings more!