Hello there! from Michael, here are 3 more movies from our sessions this week. We had amazing horn players in to put down some tracks for the new record…Trombonists Craig, Mark and Greg from the group BONERAMA and trumpeters and flugelhornists Leroy and Shamarr.

Shamarr took a bunch of us out later on, we met at the MOONSHINERS gig on Frenchman which was great, and moved on from that to Le Bon Temps Roule to see SOUL REBELS who were amazing.

Also, watching back the 3rd movie and practicing circular breathing, I thought of our sometimes need for fruity puerile inspiration in the studio, this:


Or go to youtube and enter “G I Joe belch”.

Our horn version is infinitely more attractive…!

New Orleans, as always, has been unbelievably open, inviting, and inspiring for us; it’s so great to record another record [I think this is our 3rd here] in the city we all love so much. I remember this is where I first ever wrote and recorded on a laptop. How about that.

Have a great weekend x from Michael, New Orleans//