Mike & Bertis on the Walker Webcast Wednesday

Mike and Bertis on the Walker Webcast tomorrow, and why:

In January of 1992, in between the release of Out Of Time and the recording of Automatic For The People, the band visited Paraguay with some friends and colleagues to check out some of the work being done to preserve natural lands hunted by indigenous Aché people. It was a fun and educational trip, and we met a young, just-out-of-college guy named Willy Walker (pictured second from left) who facilitated our trip on behalf of the local foundation hosting us. We have stayed good friends with Willy ever since, and, when he asked Mike and Bertis to be on his Walker Webcast, of course we said “Heck Yeah!”
Tune in Wednesday, September 28 at 12:30 PM Eastern time; free but please register here