To find the roots of American music, you need look no further than New Orleans. The city’s rich and vibrant culture has contributed to almost all of our nation’s musical idioms, from jazz and funk to rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll. At the heart of it all are New Orleans’ musicians whose oversized talent and contagious energy make up the soul and spirit of the Big Easy. Sadly, the ravages of Hurricane Katrina displaced many of the city’s beloved artists. Although some have picked up the pieces, others are still struggling. With entire communities destroyed, relocation and housing remain major concerns. But bringing life back to damaged neighborhoods isn’t just about hammers, nails and wood. It’s about ensuring that the city’s musicians have the resources and support to keep contributing to not only New Orleans culture, but also America’s.

Eric and Sharpat Kessler, Mike Mills from R.E.M., Michael Petricone and the Future of Music Coalition invite you to join us on Saturday, December 1 at 7:30 PM at the Kessler’s house for a cocktail party to support the rebuilding and relocation effort for the thousands of New Orleans’ musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina. The party will include cocktails, hor d’ouevres and music by Mike Mills from R.E.M. and Al “Carnival Time” Johnson.