Hello R.E.M fans and friends,

Another great time in beautiful Van BC. That a city that nice should have two studios the quality of our new friend the Armoury and old friend the Warehouse is a fine thing indeed.

We had a lot of fun laying down the tracks at the Armoury this May. The music sounds great, rather diverse, and we are actually further along than we expected to be. Jacknife Lee really knows his stuff, and is fun to work with, with the proper mixture of serious professionalism and the knowledge that it’s only rock ‘n roll, let’s not get too worked up here. His team of Tom and Sam are quality folks, and their expertise allows us to try many different ideas yet still keep things moving.

The Armoury team (studio manager Paul, house engineer Rob and band asst. Jarrod) were all a big part of making our experience fun and productive.

I had my first brush with Pilates (ouch), and Peter and I saw the Police kick off their reunion tour (great fun, lots of hits).

All in all, a well-spent time in one of North America’s great cities.


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