On November 25, 2008, the two-CD 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Murmur will be released on Universal. The two-CD set features R.E.M.’s debut album, remastered, plus an additional disc with a previously unreleased concert recorded at Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto, three months after Murmur’s April 1983 release.

The 16-song live performance boasts nine of Murmur’s 12 songs, including “Radio Free Europe,” three songs from the Chronic Town EP, early renditions of “7 Chinese Bros.” and “Harborcoat,” as well as “Just A Touch,” eventually a track included on R.E.M.’s fourth album, 1986’s Lifes Rich Pageant. The live set also features a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “There She Goes Again,” which R.E.M. recorded in the studio for the b-side of “Radio Free Europe.”

Exclusive essays by producers Mitch Easter and Don Dixon, as well as former I.R.S. executives Jay Boberg, Sig Sigworth, Carlos Grasso round out the deluxe edition.

Stay tuned for more details and information on how you can pre-order Murmur–The Deluxe Edition. In the meantime, go to Pitchfork for their coverage, and have a look at the tracklisting below:

Murmur (Deluxe Edition):

Disc 1:

01 Radio Free Europe

02 Pilgrimage

03 Laughing

04 Talk About the Passion

05 Moral Kiosk

06 Perfect Circle

07 Catapult

08 Sitting Still

09 9-9

10 Shaking Through

11 We Walk

12 West of the Fields

Disc 2 (Live at Larry’s Hideaway):

01 Laughing

02 Pilgrimage

03 There She Goes Again

04 7 Chinese Bros.

05 Talk About the Passion

06 Sitting Still

07 Harborcoat
<br>08 Catapult

09 Gardening at Night

10 9-9

11 Just a Touch

12 West of the Fields

13 Radio Free Europe

14 We Walk

15 1,000,000

16 Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)