Peter, Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin, Robyn Hitchcock, and Steve Wynn made an afternoon visit to the Palapa Society this weekend and sent us some great photos. Check it out!

This report in from Chloe Johnson:

It was a VERY special afternoon. About 25 of the Palapa Society students from the two youngest classes of their after school program were were in class when we made a surprise visit. Peter Buck, Robyn Hitchcock, Bill Rieflin, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon were all on hand to entertain the students and get them excited about music. After a fun set in their outdoor courtyard of a few Venus 3 songs and some covers a young group girls in the front row got together to request that the band continue. The band eagerly played a few more tunes and then Robyn created a song on the spot for the young lady who requested the encore. It was an incredibly touching moment, one that I am sure those children will never forget. I know I won’t. Linda left behind some percussion instruments with a group of girls which brought squeals of delight. The program could use donations of musical instruments to add more options to their after school programs and to help give these children a chance to enjoy experimenting with music at an early age. The murals on the outdoor courtyard walls where we held the impromptu concert were painted by the children with the help of local artists during their weekly art program. All the funds raised by the Todos Santos Music Festival will go to help expand all of their current programs. Right now there is a wait list at every age level to get into the program. Our greatest hope is that this program will be able to serve every child in Todos Santos that would like to participate.

Photos by Vivian Johnson