Peter Produces Eyelids New 7″ (Pre-Order Now)

Chris from Eyelids touched base earlier this week to give us the lowdown on the Portland band’s new 7″ single, Peter’s presence and influence in the studio, their new LP (out soon hopefully), and the band’s upcoming spring tour:

“Our longtime friend and lifetime influence Peter Buck went in with us (Eyelids) to produce our upcoming LP.  This was our 6th season with Peter but the first time where there wasn’t ice on the ground or rain flooding the streets.  I think Peter appreciated that it wasn’t cold and that some actual sunlight came through the windows for a change.

As always Peter’s presence is felt.  Just the fact that he’s in the next room listening makes you want to do better.  He guides rather than demands and always puts trust in our crazy production suggestions.

He also played 12-string guitar on a few tracks too–it’s unmistakably him.  You’ll know within a few seconds, “oh yeah, that can only be The Peter Buck.”  It was also lovely to see our new bass player, Victor Krummenacher (also of Camper Van Beethoven), in the studio together with Peter again.  R.E.M. was such a big part of CVB’s story with them all being early champions (that’s how I first heard about them was Michael’s excitement about them).
Out of these sessions we also came up with a new stand alone 7″ too that we just announced last week called “Everything That I See You See Better”. 2 new Eyelids songs that walk our line of melancholy and hope (my all time favorite album, Fables Of The Reconstruction does the best job of that too).  We also do a cover of The Fall’s “Fantastic Life” with the original 2nd drummer Paul Hanley (yes they had two drummers playing at the same time in 1981).  Was a total honor to have him involved on a track he originally played on and co-wrote with the legendary Mark E. Smith.
In regards to the full length it is on its way to get mastered and then we’ll see where it lands timeline wise with its release.  The album is moody as fuck, but rocks like hell.  Songs include ‘Pink Chair’, ‘A Colossal Waste of Light’, ‘The Snowfire Band’ & ‘Runaway, Yeah’.”
-Chris, Still 1/5 of Eyelids
The 7″ is available at musicofeyelids.bandcamp.com
EYELIDS tour dates:

The Accidental Falls Tour

Feb. 3rd Doug Fir, Portland (w/ Whisper Hiss)

March 25th T.V. Eye, NYC (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

March 26th Comet Ping Pong, DC (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures & Frass Green)

March 27th Cafe 9, New Haven (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

March 28th  Johnny Brendas , Philly (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures & Hurry)

March 30th The Pour House, Raleigh (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

March 31st  The 5 Spot , Nashville (w/Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

April 1st, 529, Atlanta (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

April 2nd, Flicker, Athens (w/ Jay Gonzalez and The Guilty Pleasures)

April 15th Tractor, Seattle (w/ Pond)

April 16th Mississippi Studios, Portland (w/ Pond)

June 17th Cactus Club , Milwaukee (w/ Split Single)

June 18th Space, Evanston/Chicago (w/ Split Single)

June 19th, Outer Limits, Detroit

June 20th,  Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto (w/ Beams)

June 21st,  Beachland Ballroom Tavern, Cleveland

June 23rd  7th St. Entry , Minneapolis (w/ Muun Bato)

June 24th   Kiki’s House Of Righteous Music, Madison

photos: John Clark