This will be a quick one: video shoot is going great, being directed by our good friend Peter Care, responsible for some great ones in past years (“Man on the Moon,” “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?,” and “Drive”). Of course I won’t give the plot away, but I sense that it will be a special piece of film for a beautiful song, and we hope it is finished in the next few weeks.

Reaction to the song has been great, and from what we understand it is being played a lot at radio all over, as well as being streamed here at remhq.com.

A lot of our tickets go on sale this weekend, including all the swing state shows (with Bruce Springsteen and Bright Eyes) as well as some of our own shows. The tour plans are set, stage designs being developed, rehearsals upcoming, and we are close to being ready to go.

And speaking of touring, we finally firmed up our plans for support artists, detailed in a separate posting (editor’s note: coming soon), and I am as excited as the band is about touring with some great musicians. The acts they picked are a diverse and talented lot, many of whom have new records out and will bring some of their own fans to our shows…

Anyway, misty day in the big apple…a nice day to shoot a video…and the record is out in only six weeks.

All Best–Bertis