As we reported just over two weeks ago, a new U.S. Embassy music project called Projekt R.E.M.: Pure Energy Music is set to be released on September 8. The project features 16 songs by popular Slovenian artists–Siddharta, Elvis Jackson, The Tide, N’toko, Vlado Kreslin (backed by Croatia’s The Bambi Molesters), Zoran Predin paired with Massimo Savič, Melodrom, Severa Gjurin, Murat & Jose, Narat, Lollobrigida, My Buddy Moose with Chris Eckman, Polona Kasal, Mia Žnidarič and Steve Klink Trio, and The Toronto Drug Bust–covering tracks ranging from the early 1980’s right up to material from 2011.

The project will be dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues, and will highlight the work of many Slovenian environmental groups. A major, free concert at Kongresni trg will coincide with the release of the project’s music CD on September 8. Today, a video set to the music of “We All Go Back To Where We Belong” premiered at MTV Slovenia. Check out the video just below and read more about it underneath the link:

Watch the video

Background on the video:

The video was shot in two iconic Slovenian spots: Under a massive old tree in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park, the main park in the country’s capital, and Lake Cerknica, a lake that fills up and disappears every year (a truly bizarre geological wonder). The idea of the video, conceived by Slovenian choreographer Kjara Starič and Christopher Wurst, was that all that we celebrate about nature is fragile and currently headed in a bad direction. The end suggests the theme of the Projekt R.E.M.: Pure Energy Music, that while it’s impossible for any one of us to solve this problem it is incumbent upon each of us to do something. It’s not too late. The video was directed by Ms. Starič and filmmaker Miha Matevžič, and features dancers from Ms. Starič’s modern dance company, Kjara’s Dance Project.

The song features well-known Slovenian singers such a Vlado Kreslin, Severa Gjurin, Polona Kasal, and singers from the well-known band Slovenian bands Siddharta (Tomi), Elvis Jackson (Buda), Lollobrigida (Ida Prester), The Tide (Tomaž Štular), and Toronto Drug Bust (Izak Košir). It features musicians from the Slovenian folk band Brina, and was produced by American musician Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts). The video debuted on MTV Slovenia on August 27, 2012.