A lot of activity in R.E.M.’s world, broadly defined, here at the end of March. COLLAPSE INTO NOW rocks along, and I recently came upon a great BBC review that might be my favorite one this season. Also, Peter’s 30-minute plus video interview with Starbucks has just been posted.

Peter is out with The Baseball Project and from the sound of things, they continue to have a great time. NPR chatted with Scott and Steve yesterday, and it is burning up the influential blogs.

Check out the news stories on HQ about the triumphant Big Star THIRD show and in the NY Times. Thank you friends, indeed, especially Mr. Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter who was resplendent in attire and the axework (and occasional drums when Jody Stephens stepped to the microphone)!

Also in New York news, check out the new film-as-art-exhibition at downtown’s famed Clocktower Gallery starting on Wednesday (3/30) for the rest of the week. Hollywood Reporter’s discussion with Michael takes an in-depth look at the film project.

All in all, some fun stuff going on, and we are all heartened by the reaction to COLLAPSE INTO NOW.