Some favorite things about these last few days:

-getting to hear some of the songs really taking shape now that the mixing’s underway;

Anton Corbijn arriving and watching him work– guy has an amazing eye, and more, and his new movie, THE AMERICAN, opens tonight, 9/1/10, nationwide

-eating at City House, a great restaurant you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the outside; and Hog Heaven too;

-hearing the contributions of Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye, as they happen;

-enjoying some of the artists here at the Ryman: Natalie Merchant last weekend with her wonderful new album of childrens’ poetry set to her original music and tonight, She and Him who Peter and Jacknife know well and will be good fun to see. Always plenty going on in this town.

-finally figuring out a way to get to the studio without getting on the freeway;

-walking on the campus of Vanderbilt, one of those classic places that just feels right;

-reading the Athens paper like I am at home, although enjoying everything about Nashville, which sort of seems like this huge small town.


p.s. a couple of links to stuff pertaining to the band:

Dear New Orleans is a real effective love letter to that city and has Mike’s rocking OHIO with a lot of help from some friends

-nice to see the Georgia Theatre get some positive press from CNN.

-cool cover of Driver 8 by The Walkmen