We have two radio events this week, so be sure to tune in.

First, the band’s show at Stubbs in Austin Texas, part of the SXSW Music conference, is being webcast live on NPR.com and broadcast on many local NPR stations. Below are the stations we know of, but check local listings as some are carrying it live and some on a delayed basis.

WXPN / Philadelphia (Music-only) – Will air on March 13

KEXP / Seattle (Music-only) – Delay to Midnight PT

The Current Twin Cities (Hosted) – Live

KUT / Austin (Hosted) – Live

WFUV / New York (Hosted) – Will air on March 14

WUKY / Lexington, KY (Hosted) – Live

WFPK / Louisville, KY

WUGA / Athens, GA (Music-only ) — Athens bands only.

WMPN / Jackson, MS (Hosted)

WRUR / Rochester (Hosted) – Live and will rebroadcast

WBFO / (HD2) (Hosted) – Live

WEXT / Amsterdam, NY -( Hosted)

WNCW / Spindale, NC – (Hosted)

WNPR / Hartford, CT -(Hosted)

WAER / (HD2) Syracuse (Hosted) -Live

KRCC / Colorado Springs, CO (Hosted)


Second, on Thursday, March 13 at 8p-9p CST, the band will be part of a Live Radio Premier of a few songs off ACCELERATE. Below are the current participating stations, but check local listings to be sure.

WRXP / New York

KDLD / Los Angeles

KYSR / Los Angeles

WXRT / Chicago

WMMR / Philadelphia

WRFF / Philadelphia

WXPN / Philadelphia

WZGC / Atlanta

CIDR / Detroit

WTGB / Washington, D.C.

KTCZ / Minneapolis

KBZT / San Diego

WRNR / Baltimore

WIYY / Baltimore

WTMD / Baltimore

KBCO / Denver

KNRK / Portland, OR

KINK / Portland, OR

WEND / Charlotte

KWOD / Sacramento

KENZ / Salt Lake City

KCNL / San Jose

WBRU / Providence

WTTS / Indianapolis

WRZX / Indianapolis

KGSR / Austin

KUT / Austin

WRLT / Nashville

WPBZ / West Palm

WHTG / Monmouth-Ocean

WBJB / Monmouth-Ocean

WEQX / Albany, NY

WRWK / Toledo

WARQ / Columbia, SC

KPTL / Des Moines

WZEW / Mobile

WNCS / Burlington, VT

WQKL / Ann Arbor, MI

WXFX / Montgomery, AL

WMVY / Cape Cod

WDST / Poughkeepsie

WSGE / Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill

WFKZ / Florida Keys

WRKR / Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, MI

WKZQ / Myrtle Beach

KACV / Amarillo, TX

KPND / Spokane

WCNR / Charlottesville, VA

KYSL / Breckenridge/Vail, CO

Waitt Radio Network:

KHTR / Spokane, WA

KZGL / Flagstaff, AZ

KFEB / Poplar Bluff, MO

WPNH / Manchester, NH

KLHI / Maui, HI

KMRJ / Palm Springs, CA

WJZJ / Glen Arbor, MI

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