dateline Austin

Well, after all the planning, we are rolling now. Langerado was a fun and wild show– and cold! A great bunch of firsts as Michael pointed out: first show of the last 4 years, first show as a 5 piece in 19 years, first show with the new songs (remember, Dublin rehearsals WERE NOT A SHOW!) Great crowd who seemed to like the new songs and the band rocked up the set-list with a bunch of guitar raves. Read more here.

We are now in Austin where the guys are doing a couple of days of promotion and press since the record is only three weeks away. Tomorrow night is their official SXSW showcase at the Stubbs BBQ outdoor venue . . .should be good fun, and for those following along at home, is being webcast and broadcast on many local NPR stations– as they say, check local listings as some are carrying it live and some on a delayed basis. Thursday we tape Austin City Limits for a show to be aired in May, and then do a Live Radio Premier of a few songs off ACCELERATE

Next week we are off to Europe where we do some promotion and live appearances in Italy, France, England and Germany . . .stay tuned for details. And remember to keep checking ninetynights.com. It is getting really good the closer we get to the record being out.

Bye for now- see you soon.