It has been brought to our attention that not all digital versions of the RECKONING DELUXE EDITION include a downloadable version of the album’s liner notes and art. To rectify this, we’re making them available HERE, so, if you’ve purchased a digital version and didn’t receive the liner notes (or if you simply want to have a look at them), please click away and enjoy the excellent liner notes by Tony Fletcher as well as the album art.

Also, we’ve just received a handful of the latest reviews of the Reckoning Deluxe Edition. Click on the links below to read:

Aquarium Drunkard

Consequence of Sound

We Are Hunted


According to Gary Thomas, Creative Director of Krush Inc, the producers of the videos for “Hollow Man” and “Man-Sized Wreath,” “Hollow Man” just screened to “enthusiastic reception” at the “Scene Not Herd” segment of the World Short Film Festival last week. The festival is the largest short film festival in the world, according to Gary, and the “Scene Not Herd” segment focuses on the most interesting music videos out there. “Hollow Man” was the only major label/major artist video screened. Eye Weekly touted the video as one of the festival’s 10 films to catch.

Videos for both “Hollow Man” and “Man-Sized Wreath” are in the upcoming LA Short Film Festival next month. Screening dates and times are as follows:

“Hollow Man” 7/24/2009 at 10:00PM

“Man Sized Wreath” 7/26/2009 7:45PM

Be sure to get by and check these out on the big-screen if you’re in Los Angeles.

Finally, as we reported back in the Winter, Mike’s song “Gift of the Fathers” was featured in the film Favorite Son, which was released by Panorama Entertainment. Chicagoans will be pleased to learn that the film will receive a short release at the Facets Cinematheque from July 10-16. If you are in the area be sure to check it out here:

Facets Cinematheque

1517 W. Fullerton Ave

Chicago, IL 60614