Recommended Viewing: Return to Mt. Kennedy on Amazon Prime

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: We are happy to report that Return to Mt. Kennedy is now streaming FREE for Amazon Prime subscribers.

The film is a warm and increasingly relevant documentary that follows the less traveled path of Bobby Whittaker, long time R.E.M tour manager and friend of the band.

As Michael Stipe says, Return to Mt. Kennedy is “a wild and moving personal story that comes at you fast.”

The team here at REMHQ highly recommends it be part of your stay at home entertainment–please let all your friends know about it too.

In the meantime, stay inside and be safe. We are all in this together.

About the Film:
Return to Mt. Kennedy spans generations, reminding us how every trail connects through the enduring friendships built in the mountains. Featuring original music by Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder and never before seen footage of the climb, the film sits at the intersection of politics, human rights, environmentalism and adventure.

“This film weaves together these far-flung pieces of reality, the result is a beautiful, rare bird full of inspiration and hope. I was honored and thrilled to be a part of it.”

~Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

Visit https://www.mtkennedy.com/ to access the free Amazon Prime link and other pay (rent = $4.00) platforms