On Friday, April 24th, a one-hour version of R.E.M.’s monumental European Tour finale from Athens, Greece, will be re-broadcast worldwide by MTV. Please check the program schedule just below the video clip for a time in your area, and, as always, consult local listings for the latest information:

MTV UK (MTV HITS): 23.00 hours

MTV Australia: 23.00

MTV New Zealand: 23.00

MTV Italy: 23.00

MTV Spain: 23.30

MTV Portugal: 21.00

MTV France: 23.40

MTV Germany (Central): 20.00

MTV Austria (Central): 20.00

MTV Switzerland (Cent) 20.00, Friday 24 April 2009

MTV Netherlands: 22.40

MTV Denmark: 22.40

MTV Belgium: 22.40

MTV Sweden: 22.40

MTV Finland: 22.40

MTV Poland: 23.30

MTV European: 22.00

MTV Hungary: 21.00

MTVN HD: 22.00

VH1 India: 20.00

MTV Adria: 21.00

MTV Arabia: 21.00

MTV Estonia: 20.00

MTV Lithuania/ Latvia: 20.00

MTV Ukraine: 00.20

MTV Latin America: 22.00

MTV Lat Am (South): 21.30

MTV Asia: 23.00

MTV China: 22.00

MTV Indonesia: 23.00

MTV Philippines: 22.00

MTV Taiwan: 23.00

MTV Thailand: 20.00

MTV Japan: 23.00

MTV Brazil: 22.30

MTV Canada: 23.00

Peter’s tour with Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 is coming to a close this weekend as the band wraps things up in Minneapolis Sunday night. If you weren’t able to make it to the Atlanta show last week, here’s a clip of RH and the Venus 3 with a special guest appearance by Mike Mills (audio quality is poor unfortunately):

R.E.M. fans from all over the globe, not to mention the band, have known about Athens’ special qualities for years, so it comes as no surprise that the LA Times has named Athens one of the 29 places to visit in 2009. What is it about Athens? There so many things in general that it’s hard to say (a certain je ne se qua— exactly what is about this place, but if you’re taking the LA Times up on their suggestion this weekend, here are a few things happening which we recommend:

Modern Skirts Have Their Night in Athens

Back in January, Athens band Modern Skirts released their sophomore record, ALL OF US IN OUR NIGHT, to excellent reviews. The record contains a track produced by our very own Mike Mills called “Motorcade.” The Skirts will be playing a big show tonight at the 40 Watt in Athens which should get you motivated. Visit their website: Modernskirts.com for more information. Here’s a clip of Mike playing with Modern Skirts in Amsterdam where they supported R.E.M. in 2008:

Indonesian Soundscapes in Athens

Flagpole’s Gordon Lamb reports that our friend Kai Reidl has a new project in the works involving “remixing/reinterpreting/abstracting recordings [he’d] made in Indonesia (AKA Javasounds).” Kai, who calls his project an “abstracted Indonesian soundscape,” has gotten help, according to Flagpole, “from UGA’s I.C.E. (Ideas for Creative Exploration) the project, named Our New Silence, involves Riedl, Suny Lyons, Kyle Dawkins, Heather McIntosh, Page Campbell and more.” The project will debut this Saturday April 18th at UGA’s Ramsey Hall. For details, please visit ournewsilence.com.

John Ryan Seawright Forest Dedication, Saturday, April 25, 2-11 p.m.

The Orange Twin Conservation Community is dedicating its new 100+ acre conservation easement to John Seawright, a beloved former member. The event includes a woods walk at 2 pm, dedication ceremony at 3:30 pm at the Pavilion, poetry and music led by Coleman Barks and Art Rosenbaum, with Sam Seawright reading some of John’s poetry, at 4 pm, and potluck dinner and party to follow at the farmhouse. Orange Twin is located on Noketchee Creek Road, off Helican Springs Road in north Clarke County. John’s friends and friends of the Orange Twin Community are invited to attend. Participants are asked to bring a potluck dish and beverage for the dinner, and kindly advised, no dogs, please.