Tis the season for U.S politics indeed as there are some extremely interesting races shaping up (beyond the obvious interest the Presidential race holds) in Minnesota, Georgia, and North Carolina. Each state, to a greater or lesser degree, is a so-called battleground state and will play a critical role in determining the direction of the United States Congress.

In Minnesota, our good friend Al Franken, a DFLer and the man who helped inspire the Vote For Change tour in 2004, has a slight edge heading into Friday’s big, three-man debate in Duluth… (You can read more about the Minnesota race here, and be sure to visit Alfranken.com for more information about Al’s bid for the Senate)

In Georgia, unsung hero and political progressive Jim Martin is in a tight battle with the incumbent, and it looks like Jim has a really strong chance at winning the seat. Jim was an excellent state legislator and was known for his ability both to get along and to get things done, rare qualities these days. (Click here to read an article on the race in the NY Times and here to read more an update on the Georgia Senate race in the AJC. Please visit martinforsenate.com for more information about Jim’s campaign)

Finally, in our neighboring state of North Carolina, Kay Hagan, the Democratic nominee and challenger, is pulling ahead of the incumbent. Based on current polling, it looks like Kay has a very strong chance at unseating her opponent; please visit kayhagan.com for more information about Kay and click here to read a recent article about the race.

We encourage you to read up, learn more about these candidates, and, if you feel so inclined, get involved…