Rare and unique Rickenbacker: Auction Item for Help The Hoople (Scott McCaughey)

From Peter Buck: My Jet-Glo 360 Rickenbacker guitar is being auctioned here, (http://ebay.to/2EagGOx) proceeds going to Scott McCaughey. The auction for this item ends tomorrow (Saturday) night at 11:20 pm Eastern. So act now— this is the only guitar ever sold that was actually played regularly in the studio and stage by R.E.M., and it is signed by all four members of R.E.M.— Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe. This is one of only five handmade versions of my personal Rickenbacker guitar, and I won’t be selling any other R.E.M. guitars during my lifetime— and I plan on signing no autographs in the afterworld, which I expect to see in approximately eighty years.

Love, Peter

P.S. No selfies in the afterworld either

[Editor’s notes]: other items for the auction are being added every day and several other R.E.M. rarities are up as well, including an Unplugged album, the vintage READ poster, and Peter’s polka-dot Prada shirt worn onstage including at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies in NYC. Some very cool stuff: for complete listings go here: (http://ebay.to/2EgQkub)
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